• Automated functional testing of voltage transformers
  • Test of different load profiles of inverters
  • Motor simulator with freely selectable load parameters and energy recovery

Simulation of different engine operating conditions

  • Motor currents up to:300A
  • Motor voltages up to:800V
  • Operating frequency range of the motor: 1Hz - 100Hz (500Hz)
  • Simulated motor power (cos j =0.9): 0 ->250kW
  • Power supply:24kW
  • energy recovery
  • Automated test sequences
  • Endurance test of motor inverters
  • Efficiency determination of inverters
  • insulation testing

Research goals

  • Efficiency optimization of freely parameterizable driving cycles
  • Improvement of heat dissipation to increase performance
  • Methods for increasing the efficiency of converters
  • Reduction of thermal cycles to extend service life

Funding agencies

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