• Offline system with integrated coil winding units and drying oven (up to 150°)
  • Resource-saving coating with a precision slot nozzle:
  • Maximum coating width: 250 mm
  • Maximum film width: 300 mm
  • Wet film thickness distribution: +/- 1%
  • Maximum coating speed: 4m/min
  • Copper/aluminium foil
  • VISION system for web edge control
  • Automatic web tension control by force transducer
  • Winding station with servo drive
  • Intermittent coating tool for intermittent coating
  • Counter roll with asynchronous drive and very high concentricity accuracy

Research goals

  • Cross-distribution accuracy on the coated electrode
  • coating homogeneity
  • Surface quality (micro height profile)
  • Coating edge geometry (line accuracy and thickness / streaks)
  • Adhesiveness (film to material/particles in material)
  • Reduction of drying time
  • Coating thickness influences on quality requirements

Funding agencies

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