The test centre for electric motors offers the possibility to carry out extensive analyses of electric drives. The test bench includes all components that are necessary for a measurement. These include the load machine, a vibration-decoupled machine bed and measurement technology for recording mechanical and electrical measured variables.
The field of application ranges from efficiency measurements, load and demagnetisation tests to thermal validation and structure-borne noise measurements. In addition, measurements for ECE-R85 certification can be carried out for approval of the motors as drives in motor vehicles.
The planning and assembly of the test specimen are carried out by experienced, expert personnel. The tests are accompanied by a measurement engineer who operates and monitors the test bench.


  • Precise quantification of typical engine characteristics
  • Endurance test of electric drive and inverter

Measurement with high speed load machine

Data of the load machine
  • Rated power: 140kW
  • Peak power: 175kW
  • Maximum speed: 18.020 min-1
  • Rated torque: 220Nm
  • Maximum torque: 275 Nm
  • Final torque: 46Nm
Battery simulator data
  • Voltage range: 30V - 800V
  • Peak power: 132kW at 600V
  • Maximum continuous current: 200A at 600V

Research goals

  • Reduction of losses to maximize efficiency
  • Detection of machine deformation
  • Evaluation of environmental influences 
  • Thermal validation of the electric drive 
  • Improvement of the acoustic noise development
  • Optimization of motor control
  • Identification and reduction of ageing phenomena

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