Cell Assembly


Assembly line for the assembly of large-format lithium-ion pouch cells.


  • Illustration of the entire process chain for the construction of a lithium-ion pouch cell:
  • - Separation of the electrodes using a punching tool
  • - Merging of the electrodes and the separator in the Z-folding process with more than 60
  • - electrode sheets
  • - Welding of the arresters to the external contact lug in ultrasonic welding process
  • - Sealing the pouch housing
  • - Fully automatic filling of the pouch cell with electrolytes in a separate reaction chamber
  • High flexibility in the number of sheets to be stacked
  • High process accuracy due to fully automatic stacking process
  • Accelerated wetting of the separator with electrolytes by vacuum impact in the reaction chamber

Research goals

  • Integrated and continuous quality control in cell assembly.
  • Substitution of the dry room by separate process enclosures (mini environments).
  • Improvement of the electrolyte filling process to shorten process times.
  • Investigation of the quality criteria (e.g. tightness) of pouch cells.

Funding agencies

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