Battery pack laboratory


The ISEA offers support in the development and construction of battery pack prototypes. Within the framework of the publicly funded project "NRW-Zentrallabor für die Entwicklung und Integration von Komponenten und Konzepteen von Batteriepacks für die Elektromobilität" (NRW Central Laboratory for the Development and Integration of Components and Concepts of Battery Packs for Electric Mobility), extensive equipment was purchased for the development of battery packs. These devices can be rented by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and used for the pre-competitive development of battery systems. Development compartments with extensive equipment can also be rented, allowing the construction and further development of battery systems.

The devices are integrated together with other equipment for the development of prototypes in the field of electromobility in the premises of the eLAB.

The system technology can be used by external personnel after appropriate proof of the ability to operate the machines and instruction. Alternatively, experienced, expert personnel are available to operate the machines.

Experienced engineers are also available on request for the development of prototypes. Your advantage: Full control and insight into all development steps of the prototypes - from design to small series production.

Battery test equipment module tester

We provide test circuits for measuring and testing battery modules up to 100 V / 6x50 A. In addition to the fully automated operation, a simulation of test and driving cycles is possible.

Battery test equipment pack tester

Test circuits and other devices for temperature control are provided for measuring and testing battery modules or battery packs. Additionally, a fully automated operation of the plants is possible. 

Battery test equipment cell tester

We provide test circuits for measuring and testing battery cells up to 6V / 6x100 A. In addition to the fully automated operation, a simulation of test and driving cycles is possible.


Laboratories with a broad equipment. We allow the construction and development of battery systems and prototypes. The equipment includes laboratory power supplies and oscilloscopes.

5-Achs Milling machine

The machine enables the cutting of metals and plastics. The 5-axes CNC milling machine ensures accurate manufacturing. 


The machine enables rotating cutting of metals and plastics used in the single-item and batch production.

Plastic laser sintering plant

Powder-based 3D-plastics laser sintering plant used for highly complex components. Production of components without support structures is possible.

Spot welding machine

Spot welding machine represents a plant for contacting sheet metal to battery cells by welding on one side. 

Metal laser sintering plant

Powder-based 3D-metal laser sintering plant used for highly complex components made of aluminium or stainless steel.

Laser cutting and welding machine

Plant used for two- and three-dimensional cutting and welding. Highly flexible by processing different material thicknesses.

Vacuum casting plant

Plant used for vacuum casting of highly quality components with many different casting resins.

Calorimeter (Isothermal)

Calorimeter enables to determine the waste heat of a battery cell and to dimension cooling system. 

Calorimeter (adiabatic)

Plant helps to create a worst-case scenario for determining the thermal runway limits of large batteries, battery packs and components.

Air cooling test bench

Analysis and evaluation of different concepts for air cooling of battery modules and battery packs. Validation of design of air, water or rather coolant cooling system.